Why do we keep concealing plus-size women s bodies on publication covers?

Posted on: June 19, 201 6

You’ve most likely heard somebody explain another woman like this: She has an actually beautiful face!

While the woman in question might indeed have a pretty face, it’s frequently a respectful euphemism for she might stand to lose a couple of pounds. Taking a glance at the way mainstream style magazines include plus-size starlets, it’s clear that lots of credit the idea of concentrating on their faces to distract from their bodies.

The current example: Actress Rebel Wilson will grace the cover of Marie Claire UK s July issue, and the publication published a preview of her cover shot. It’s a perfectly gorgeous picture of Wilson, but there’s just one issue, designer plus size dresses only. It cuts off at her bust, and she’s hardly noticeable beneath long sleeves and a swoop of large hair.

Other plus-size stars constantly receive this treatment, so the question ends up being: Why do these magazines feel the need to conceal these women’s bodies?

Wilson stars in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 as Fat Amy, a cappella singing oddball. In the first movie, she discusses that she calls herself Fat Amy so skinny ladies don t do it behind my back. In real life, the Australian actress seems to have a similar convenience with her body.


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Ashley Graham-Designed Plus-Size Swimsuits Feature String, Cut-Outs, and Body Precious jewelry

Posted on: June 19, 201 6

Ashley Graham is everywhere in 2012, from making history in February as the first plus-sized model to cover Sports Illustrates Swimsuit Issue to making out with Joe Jonas in a new music video for his band DNCE.

Now, Graham is out with a swimsuit collab with Swimsuitsforall, which introduces today for sizes 10 to 24. Graham and Swimsuitsforall have a long history in 2015, her Swimsuitsforall advertisement in Sports Illustrated ended up being the very first advertisement in the famous swimsuit mag to ever include a curved lady. But this is the first collection Graham's has in fact created for the brand, and we can certainly state that she leaned on her experience as an underwear designer to design this one.


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The unfortunate fact about large size clothes

Posted on: June 19, 201 6

Of all the facts and half realities and lies that swirl around the discussion about plus size clothing, among the most crucial is the question of exactly what makes up large size.

How huge is it, and what is the standard that it is compared versus? According to statistics, the average woman in Australia is about a size 14 and that number is edging towards 16.

The typical model, the one you see in the ads, has to do with a size eight. On the runway, more like a six.

I attended a runway program recently, which I haven t done for a while, and was surprised at how small the designs were. Not unhealthy, simply small in terms their proportions, small heads, long necks, long slim limbs.

I’d forgotten, because when you are on the fashion/model circuit continuously these proportions appear totally typical. In truth they’re not. Exactly what do we imply when use the term plus size?


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